How can we optimize agriculture?

The first step is to model the growth of crops using AI. In order to act, we must understand the plants.

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The Space Garden platform provides insights in crop production based on a unique combination of agronomic knowledge and artificial intelligence.

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Space Garden

Using artificial intelligence and big data analytics Cropt predicts the yield, estimates the risk of growing particular crops and varieties in the local weather and soil conditions, and gives actionable insights into agricultural production.


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Monitor the growth of crops

Starting from the average expected yield, the forecast is updated every two weeks, as new satellite and weather data arrives.


Increase your profit for up to 25%

Increase the profit by planting the right crops and varieties for the local growing conditions.


Analyze the land cover

Our satellite-based crop identification works at a 10m resolution with >95% accuracy.


Assess the risk of farmers

By analyzing the yield potential and running the simulations in different weather scenarios, we can quantify the risk of clients for loan approval and insurance underwriting.



With more than 60 fields and high-tech equipment, AgroLeap is the regional leader in digital agriculture. Using Cropt’s services their yields became more stable and their profits had grown for 12% compared to the 5 year average.

Need a solution that is catered to your company specifically?

Using advanced machine learning concepts, we can help you crunch the data and optimize your operations.

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