Where it all began

Cropt started out as a spin-off from the BioSense Institute, the European Centre of Excellence for advanced technologies in sustainable agriculture. Since that initial spark, Cropt has grown into an AI and data science powerhouse. Long-standing partnerships with global players and an ever-expanding portfolio of digital agriculture success stories challenge our team to think bigger, reach higher and create more sustainable and resilient food systems.



Cropt’s mission is to develop advanced solutions based on
artificial intelligence and big data analytics to make
agriculture greener and more efficient.

Meet our founders

Today, our team is made up of talents and experts with diverse and complementary experiences, a rare combination of technical excellence, business innovation, and enterprise agility. We work at the intersection of agriculture and data science, and all share the same values, the same culture, and the same commitment towards a food-secure future.

Oskar Marko

Co-founder and CEO, Cropt

PhD in Data Science,

Syngenta Crop Challenge winner


Sanja Brdar

Co-founder and CTO, Cropt

PhD in Data Science,

Nokia & Orange Challenge Prizes