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At Cropt, we are continually innovating and building relationships in the industry while staying true to our mission - empowering our clients to use their data. We are 100% focused on enabling the shift towards more intelligent, data-driven agriculture.

We’ve built our platform based on hundreds of thousands of hectares of sample datasets, unparalleled operational experience in diverse environments, and work with advisors, crop growers, and enterprise customers alike. The diagnostic and predictive analytics is based on our proprietary machine learning algorithms, leveraging satellite imagery, agronomic models, and weather data.

Cropt provides ease of scalability and a low barrier to entry solution - at the intersection of deep tech and hard science, as our technology is compatible with most existing hardware/ software.

Cropt offers a complete and turnkey solution enabling our customers to make smarter decisions on-site and identify any patterns that will increase the profit, decrease the risk, and reduce the ecological footprint of agricultural production - out of every square meter of the field.


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Smart hybrid characterization and crossing

We combine the records collected from field trials with climate, soil and satellite data to deliver advanced machine learning models. These models simulate the growth of varieties and hybrids and predict their performance in novel environments. In this way the time needed for seed development is reduced by a third and heat and drought-resistant seeds are detected.

Data-driven field assessment

Having readily available information about particular fields helps banks and insurance companies customize their offers, and reveals the true value of farmland for buyers and tenants. Currently, the assessment of fields is based on public records and expert opinion and rarely considers the actual productivity on the fields. Cropt brings together different pieces of information including soil maps, satellite vegetation indices, and historical climate data, predicts the yield of different crops using AI, and estimates the client’s profitability and the expected ROI.

Digital crop insurance

Cropt’s data analytics platform is designed to deliver real-time insights for agriculture insurance to support more efficient data-driven decision making. We seamlessly integrate satellites, sensors, and enterprise software to achieve accurate damage assessment and modernize claims adjustment workflow, thus lowering the costs for the insurance company and securing the trust between the company and its clients.
Digital crop insurance

Custom data-driven service

We combine state-of-the-art machine learning models for crop monitoring, yield prediction and risk estimation to offer a full suite of data-driven services for agri-businesses, seed companies, banks and government institutions.
Custom data-driven service